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Allen Cole: Music Arranging


Small Jazz Groups/Show Choir Bands:

I have extensive experience arranging for jazz and pop groups with four horns and three or four rhythm. I am particularly adept at reducing big band charts for smaller horn sections, putting horn sections on show choir charts, and transcribing/arranging Pop and R&B tunes. I hope to post sample arrangements in the near future.

I will add up to four horns to an existing show choir arrangement for $75. Price includes the original work file. Can be transmitted to you as PDF.

Horn Charts for Rock Bands:

Horn parts only. Transcribed from or added to your existing arrangement. You provide a recording of your group, or the original artist whose work you're playing. Standard package is $75.00, up front.

Professional Copy from Your Score:

I can enter your score into Sibelius and extract/edit parts for you. Everything  is on 8.5 x 11. Cost depends on the size of your group and the length of the piece. Price includes the original work file which you can play as well as view on your computer.

Transposing for Church Praise Teams:

From your existing lead sheet, I can prepare accurately transposed versions for all band and orchestra instruments. Up to six transpositions for $20.00 per song. Can email to you as a .PDF file that you can in turn email to your team members.

Lead Sheets for Your Original Song:

I can make neat, accurate lead sheets from your recording, and we can work over the internet if necessary. Your document can be put on a .PDF file and emailed to you. Lead sheets include melody, lyrics, and chord symbols. Please include a clear audio recording and a typed copy of your lyrics. Standard package is $150.00.

You Get:

Extra Charge Items:

Terms are 50% up front and 50% on delivery

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