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Blackbirds of Broadway 1999 Tour

Living in Dayton, Ohio


Our engagement in Dayton, Ohio was at the beautifully restored Victoria Theatre just a few blocks from the riverfront. The entire company was housed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, about four blocks away from the theatre. Dayton is a lively town with a terrific strip of restaurants, nightclubs and shops down along 5th Street in what's called the Oregon District. The Gem Factory record store is one of the best that I've ever visited. My first night here, I bought two fantastic jazz DVD's which I'll hopefully share with my students as time goes by. There is also a huge, magnificent music store in this district. Hauer Music is one of the best. We were also within walking distance of Lorenz Music, a big-time publisher.

Dayton was undoubtedly the best housing situation of the tour. We were in a first-class hotel with 24-hour room service, and our pay was supplemented by a daily per diem of extra money to help offset the higher living costs associated with hotel living. While we were here, the hotel also housed participants in the Dayton Peace Accords, and a company of top tap dancers who were doing a local exhibition.

crowne_plaza_dayton.jpg (13532 bytes)

The Crowne Plaza Hotel at 5th & Jefferson St's


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