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Blackbirds of Broadway Tour

Living in Roanoke, VA


Roanoke's Mill Mountain Theatre has a dormitory about a block from the theatre's stage door. It's located on the second floor of a building which houses a couple of shops. There are two bathrooms, one kitchen, and a number of small bedrooms. There's also a small TV lounge and the ever-popular back porch. I only stayed in the dorm for one night while substituting in the orchestra. My air conditioner didn't work, and opening the window gave me a blast of hot exhaust from what I assume was a heat pump or air conditioner for one of the shops on the ground floor. There was air conditioning elsewhere in the dorm.

The facility (which is slated to be replaced in the near future) was not at all appealing to the cast, and they were moved to a local motel. The motel was an improvement, but it was in a less-than-ideal neighborhood and the cast had to be moved yet again.

When I was in the dorm, it was mostly populated by musicians and technical crew.


10_07.jpg (75931 bytes)

Our Roanoke Dorm: We're on the second floor.


13_10.jpg (67379 bytes)

Rear View: You can see our 'porch' right by the open kitchen door, just above the Toyota in the lot


12_09.jpg (57976 bytes)

This view puts our location better in perspective


11_08.jpg (55847 bytes)

Looking down Market Street towards the theatre from the dorm:

The Farmer's Market is along the left sidewalk. International Food Court at the end of the street.


Personally, I liked Roanoke. The facilities were spartan, but the location was very convenient.  Plus, I'm a big trainwatcher and the Norfolk Southern line and "Railwalk" is just behind the International Food Court at the end of the street.

Favorite restaurants: Buddy's

Restaurant to avoid: The Texas Tavern (as the crew says, "If you eat there, it's your fault!)


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