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Let's begin with sites associated with particular instruments. All of these should have link pages that'll launch you.

The Clarinet Pages

A terrific site for clarinet players at all levels. Includes a bulletin board.

International Clarinet Society

Great start for Clarinet-related exploration

Classic Sax Homepage

A fine saxophone site with its own bulletin board.

International Saxophone Homepage

National Flute Association

Here are some connections to get you playing. Again, look for link pages!

Richmond Concert Band Society

This group's website provides space for all the community bands in Richmond. They should also have a link to help find one in your town.

More musical links that I think you might like.

Steve Wilson's Homepage

An old classmate of mine from VCU. THE sideman for everybody's jazz album. Listen to him on Don Byron's Bug Music--WOW!

Tower of Power

The #1 band among musicians in-the-know. The band that put Oakland Funk, horn sections, and the bari sax on the map! Also features links to similar groups.

Here are some links related to my personal friends and interests:

Sikes Family Homepage

My sister and her family. Hand-typed HTML. Wow!

The Big Kahuna's Ugly Web Page

My longtime friend in the radio monitoring hobby. A fabulous site with all my favorite frequencies and friends.

Earth: Final Conflict (my favorite TV show)

What if you woke up one morning to find out that Uncle Fester ruled the earth? Put a lightbulb in your mouth or face the consequences!