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Home School Clarinet Program

Computer Use

Computer use is something unique in music instruction that would be difficult to apply outside of the home schooling arena. Today, we enjoy any number of high-tech capabilities that could revolutionize the learning process, yet most of our children simply play games or surf the web until their brains turn to jelly. One imporant goal of this program is to give kids the instructional value that computers offer, while introducing them to the idea of studying, composing and test driving music.

Musicians who play band and orchestra instruments stand to benefit tremendously from computer technology. These are melody instruments, and students who play them learn very little about chords and harmony. Computers can do much to give all musicians the same ability to experience and experiment with harmony and counterpoint that pianists and guitarists take for granted. I started the Jam School section of this website several years ago to make that a reality. The program used in these courses is also used for the Jam School activities.

The primary use of computer technology in this course is to help students learn rhythms and rehearse some of their ensemble pieces. There are other things that they can enjoy on their own as they get familiar with the program, and that's the legacy I hope to leave them.

There are also some negative aspects of computer  use, and that primarily involves the use of the computer to perform tasks that the student is assigned to learn unassisted. I have listed below two instances when computer use would be inappropriate. Otherwise, it's an incredible blessing that will prove to be more of a springboard than a crutch.

The Computer Program Used - Noteworthy Composer is a shareware computer program which allows the user write music, play music, or import music from MIDI sound files. It is used in all of my web-based music activities, and I recommend that you get it and use it anytime. Don't wait for the class to start! Here are the reasons why I have decided to include it as an essential element of my program:

Computer/Internet Support (requires current version of Noteworthy Composer)

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