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Music Theory Sources

c_music_dummies.gif (8180 bytes)Classical Music For Dummies - There are now 'Dummies' books out for jazz, blues, guitar, & keyboards, so why this one?  The answer is that Classical Music for Dummies is written by musicians, and is very good guide to music overall. It's Dreaded Music Theory Chapter is one of the best single explanations that I've ever seen on the basic mechanics of music. Music basics are presented understandably and humorously. The whole family will get great enjoyment from this book. (I refer directly to parts of this book in the activity pages)


master_theory_graphic.gif (4412 bytes)Master Theory Workbook - The first three volumes of the Master Theory Workbook will take you from a total novice to someone who can read, write, count and harmonize at a basic level. It is required for all my private students. (I refer directly to lessons from these books in the activity pages)



Edly's Music Theory for Practical People - Outstanding! The single most practical book that I've seen yet. I should've known that it was written by a clarinet player! Terrific coverage of a number of issues, particularly the character of chords and chord changes. Well worth the $25.00 price tag.





The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory (Michael Miller) - A true winner from the makers of those orange-and-white "Idiot's Guides". While not as concise as that single chapter in Classical Music for Dummies, this book has a terrific degree of completeness and readily address real-world subjects like common chord progressions, and putting chordal harmony to songs.

Simply put, this book is an excellent blend of traditional and modern theory, and of classical and popular music. At $18.95 per copy, it's well worth taking a look at on your own.


One link that you should try: Gary Eiwer's Easy Music Theory Lessons. The lessons are totally free, and you can also print out manuscript paper from the site.

Another terrific resource is the Sibelius Scale & Arpeggio Page. These are files that you can print, play and transpose using the free Scorch plugin.


Louis Jordan - Any 'greatest hits' collection by Louis Jordan is a textbook in rhythm & blues, written by one of its major grandaddies.

James Brown - Funk horn bands like Tower of Power, Kool & the Gang, the Commodores, etc. almost all operate with this band as their model. Check out the bass lines of Bootsy Collins, and the riffs of the JB Horns.

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