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Educational Links

Great site for those who are looking into the possibility of playing music. Sponsored by America's symphony orchestras.

Terrific online training in Intervals.
Best preparation/companion is in Master Theory:
Book 2: Lessons 44, 45, 46 (?)
Book 3: Lessons 75 & 76 (Major & Perfect intervals)
Lessons 77 & 78 (Minor Intervals)
Lessons 79 & 80 (Diminished & Augmented)

A detailed course appears to be planned at this site. I really like what I see so far. When he finishes the site, I may put up a page here relating segments of his course to the Master Theory Workbook. I look forward to taking his course myself.

Currently under construction, but worth keeping an eye on.

Gary Eiwers Easy Music Theory Lessons - Terrific! And totally free. Very well done. Plus, you can print out manuscript paper from the site.

Very handy if you're into that sort of thing.

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