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Railroading Links

I lived most of my life right next door to the RF&P Railroad. Trains are an absorbing hobby, and I almost always have the scanner running on their radio frequencies. It's a constant battle to keep up with all the train symbols, schedules, and other data. Here are some links that may prove informative.

Be warned, I'm not a model railroader--I'm a railfan, and my links reflect this. Like so many other things, I learned about trains as a result of listening to them on my scanner and trying to make sense of what I heard.

Outstanding site detailing rail lines all through Virginia. Waypoints, trains that pass thru, radio frequencies, and much other data. A beautifully designed and edited page!

Now part of CSX, this unique and historic railroad was fiercely independent for over 150 years. I enjoyed growing up alongside it near Greendale (MP 4.8)

The number one authority on CSX train schedules. Another terrific site.

Great interactive nationwide list of frequencies by railroad.

Large site with lots of train data.