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A Virtual Band using MIDI files from the Web

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You can learn a lot about popular music by using MIDI files downloadable from sites all over the web. Simply load the files into a 16-channel MIDI mixer, and you can transpose the key, isolate or silence individual parts and change the speed of the piece to suit you.

Things to do:

What this Page Covers:

What this Page Doesn't Cover:

WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR MIDI MIXER - Most of the simpler MIDI mixers work identically. This page will address the use of the mixer with existing files that you download from the internet. If you have a MIDI keyboard, you can obviously record your own music as well. This page simply addresses the use of existing MIDI files by a curious horn player.

Your mixer will generally appear as a unit with identical controls for each of 16 channels or tracks. The only central controls are probably those for master volume and for handling (opening/closing/saving) files.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON FILES: Keep each file that you download on floppy, and remove the disk from your computer once the file is loaded. Everything that you do to manipulate a MIDI file alters that file, and if your computer automatically backs up files at certain intervals you could find yourself with an altered original. If you want to save MIDI files once you've altered them, I suggest doing them under another filename with the 'Save As' command.

Typical MIDI Mixer Controls:

On other mixers, there is a universal transposer that may be on the 'file' or 'edit' menu. This kind would be preferable, since it takes only one adjustment to change the key of all 16 channels.