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Song Books

My list of recommended songbooks (particularly for pop music) is not very long. While most books that I see coming out are attractively packaged, overpriced junk, the student's desire to play the songs in them may be reason enough to go on and get them. (Although they are often badly written, most young students simply use them as lists of notes and provide their own rhythms from memory) Books with duet parts and written or recorded accompaniments have much more educational value.

Books listed on this page are ones that are unusually well done, or that have some particular value to the student.

Tunes for [inst.] Technic: Great Source of Common Knowledge

This series is published by Warner Brothers/Belwin for a wide variety of instruments at three different levels. Songs include classical themes, opera arias, folk songs, marches and other items that common knowledge among well-rounded musicians. I use these as sight-reading books for my private students--knowing that they'll recognize these tunes on records, and concerts and even on TV sitcoms for the rest of their lives. A great education at $5.95 a pop.

Tunes for [inst.] Technic: WB/Belwin Catalog #'s
Level Color Yrs. Exper. Flute Clarinet Saxophone
1 Green 1-2 BIC00103 BIC00108 BIC00133
2 Orange 2-3 BIC00203 BIC00208 BIC00233
3 Purple 3+ BOC00303 BIC00308 BIC00333