Clarinets are Cool!

Welcome to this shrine to my first and favorite instrument, the clarinet. Although the saxophone has become the glamor instrument of the woodwind family, the clarinet remains an in-demand commodity in many circles. I was recently contacted by the Proship Agency, which books musicians for cruise ships around the world. I had no clue how they got my name or why they were calling me. It turns out that they are in need of sax players who can play clarinet and flute well. In 1999, I toured the US and Europe with the company of Blackbirds of Broadway, largely because of clarinet skills.

The clarinet has more range than either the flute or the saxophone, and an incredible diversity of sound from register to register.

Here, we will collect information on the instrument, its players, and all of the different kinds of music that it's involved in. Here are a few categories.

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