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Blackbirds of Broadway Tour

Living in Little Rock, Arkansas

"On the road for forty days,

"Last night in Little Rock put me in a haze.

"Sweet, sweet Connie--doin' her act,

"She stole the whole show and that's a natch'l fact!"

(We're An American Band, by Grand Funk Railroad)


Little Rock has to hold a special place in the imagination of any kid who grew up with 70's rock, and dreamed of touring in his own band. Sweet, sweet Connie still lives there, and a certain saxophone-playing US President was the Governor of Arkansas on and off from 1978 to 1992. Our three-week stint there would provide me with a lot of fun and amusement.

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Our Apartments in Little Rock

Housing for the Blackbirds company was in a two-story, 14-unit apartment building just two blocks from the 'The Rep.'  Each company member had the use of a one-bedroom efficiency apartment with its own kitchen, bathroom and living room. Mine was actually larger than the one where I dwell in Richmond. The building had its own coin-operated washer and dryer, and one apartment was set aside as the Common Room, where we had the use of a TV, stereo, and microwave.

The location of housing was very good. We were in Downtown Little Rock, two blocks from work, six blocks from the Riverfront, five from the library and four from the post office. Unfortunately there were no grocery stores within walking distance, and most downtown restaurants close at 2pm. The theatre provided us with a 15-passenger van, which was used by those who needed to escape the downtown area.


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Walking down the Peachtree's Hall


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Welcome to My Living Room


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My Kitchen and the hall down to my bedroom


I quickly found out that all the hallmarks of the Whitewater-related scandals were within a few blocks of our home, and that rock groupie, author, and local character "Sweet Sweet Connie" Hamzy had lived for 15 years in the next block from us.   Click if you like, and join me on a tour of Little Rock's local color.

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