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Jam School!

Technical Page

Technical Requirements for Jam School Activities

Operating System - Windows 95 or later,  or a Windows-emulated system. Should be able to handle extended filenames. I think that this is available on all computers with a 486 or higher chip.

Browser - Should work well with plug-in programs, that are used in the activities here. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0 appear to have at least a little advantage over Netscape 4.7 in this area. I have not had the chance to experiment with AOL's browser, but I understand that it's a derivative of MS Internet Explorer. Acrobat and Noteworthy Composer files do okay on Netscape versions as early as 3.0, but Sibelius seems to favor MS Internet Explorer.

Warning - MS Internet Explorer versions 6.0 & later may not support plug-ins. This may also be true of AOL 6.0. Sibelius is working on a new version of Scorch to be compatible with IE, and I don't know what's up with Noteworthy Composer. Anyone having experiences with this situation please email me if you either have problems or find a solution.

Sound Files - MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) files will probably be Type-1, and should be playable on most PC and Mac soundcards. Some MP3 files may be used, and they should play on any standard MP3 player.

Plug-In Programs - note that all of these are freeware programs and carry no cost to the user. Click on the icons to download the programs.



MIDI Activities - Students using the 'Virtual Band Using MIDI' pages should have a 16-track MIDI 'mixer' program. A number of these are available for download, and some may already be in your computer. Some brands, such as Packard Bell, have such a mixer already installed in their consumer PC's.

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