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Noteworthy Composer/Noteworthy Player Page

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nwcicon.gif (1063 bytes)Noteworthy Composer  is the music notation program used to design the musical illustrations for Jam School activites and Master Theory Help & Hints. It is a shareware program which costs $39.95 for full registration. The program is ideal for experimentation, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. NWC can also be used to display and play back these files (and MIDI files) as they are downloaded from the web. Most examples have been done in version 1.55, but everything added after 8/15/00 is in version 1.70.

Here are some of Noteworthy Composer's Features:

nwpicon.gif (1064 bytes)Noteworthy Player is a freeware program availble from the makers of Noteworthy Composer. It can read and playback any files that were made from a registered copy of Noteworthy Composer. I recommend downloading each new version as it comes out. It will also play back and generate notation from a Type 1 MIDI file. Features include:

Configuring Your Browser to Recognize .nwc files and launch NWC or NWP

Frequently Asked Questions on NWC & NWP

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