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Master Theory  Online

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Under Construction

This section is dedicated to providing online support for the Master Theory Workbook  by Charles S. Peters and Paul Yoder. My private music students work in Books 1, 2 and 3 which contain lessons 1-90.  Feel free to use any resources here to help you with your work in the terrific basic book.

CONSTRUCTION NOTE:  In order to disseminate and demonstrate some things that don't lend themselves to writing, I plan to provide working examples of some things as documents in Noteworthy Composer. I selected this program because it displays a musical score and provides MIDI playback of that score while highlighting the notes as they are played. At $39.95 it is one of the cheapest and most effective programs of its type. I suspect that you can play my examples with the free downloadable evaluation version. You can also use Noteworthy Player, which is freeware. It costs you nothing and will display and play my examples, plus any other MIDI files you might wish to try.

Master Theory Book 1

Master Theory Book 2

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