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Jam School!

Technical Page

Technical Requirements for Jam School Activities

Operating System - Should be able to handle extended filenames. I think that this is available on all computers with a 486 or higher chip.

Browser - This page is being produced in Microsoft Frontpage 98, but is being viewed and tested in Netscape 3.0. The final recommendation on a browser will be determined by how well each of the browsers handle embedded MIDI files.  

Sound Files - MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) files will probably be Type-1, and should be playable on most PC and Mac soundcards. Examples in the Master Theory Online section will be created in Noteworthy Composer. They can be viewed and played back with Noteworthy Player, which is freeware. Audio files will be MP3's and should work with any .mp3 player.

Graphics Files -Written music that is to be viewable online (worksheets, exercises, transcribed jazz solos)  is being done in Finale 97 and the best way to transmit this is via Adobe Acrobat. The acrobat reader may be downloaded as freeware from its maker, I believe.

MIDI Activities - Students using the 'Virtual Band Using MIDI' pages should have a 16-track MIDI 'mixer' program. A number of these are available for download, and some may already be in your computer. Some brands, such as Packard Bell, have such a mixer already installed in their consumer PC's.

Noteworthy Composer & Noteworthy Player Page

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