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jpgdangil.jpg (110343 bytes)Welcome to my website. I'm a musician working in the Richmond, Virginia area and the bulk of this site is intended as a resource for school band musicians and their parents. The information presented here is intended to help kids broaden their abilities (particularly in the 'jamming' skills) and parents to become more savvy consumers and boosters. We also try to keep a few special things for those of you who play the clarinet.

Band Students: If you are interested in playing rock, jazz, or other pop music, you came to the right place! Check out some of my links to pop groups who use brass and woodwind instruments. Then enter the JAM SCHOOL and begin training yourself for real-world adventures.

Parents: Visit the Consumer Pages for inside info on good and bad buys in the murky world of music merchandise.

Everyone: Join me on the road as I tour the US and Europe with the musical Blackbirds of Broadway during the Fall and Winter of 1999.

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