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Blackbirds of Broadway 1999 Tour

European Tour Itinerary


Day Date City Country Performance Time
Monday November 22 Depart Cincinatti, OH USA (layover in Brussels)
Tuesday November 23 Arrive Munich, go to Augsburg (Germany) Day Off/Travel
Wednesday November 24 Rehearsals in Neusass Germany Day Off
Thursday November 25 Neusass (Augsburg) Germany 8:00p (preview)
Friday November 26 Bad Reichenhall Germany 7:30p
Saturday November 27 Munich Germany 8:00p
Sunday November 28 Steyr Austria 7:30p
Monday November 29 Day off in Wels Austria Day Off
Tuesday November 30 Germering (Munich) Germany 8:00p
Wednesday December 1 Uster Switzerland TBA
Thursday December 2 Wallisellen Switzerland TBA
Friday December 3 Strasbourg France TBA
Saturday December 4 Altus Switzerland TBA
Sunday December 5 Zurich Switzerland TBA
Monday December 6 Lucerne Switzerland TBA
Tuesday December 7 Singen Germany 8:00p
Wednesday December 8 Day off, in Witten Germany Day Off/Travel
Thursday December 9 Witten (Dortmund) Germany 8:00p
Friday December 10 Fulda Germany 7:30p
Saturday December 11 Lippstadt Germany 8:00p
Sunday December 12 Wolfsburg Germany 6:00p
Monday December 13 Day off (Itzehoe) Germany Day Off/Travel
Tuesday December 14 Itzehoe (nr Hamburg) Germany 7:30p
Wednesday December 15 Ibbenburen Germany 8:00p
Thursday December 16 Iserlohn (Dortmund) Germany 8:00p
Friday December 17 Day off, Pirmasens Germany Day Off/Travel
Saturday December 18 Pirmasens Germany 8:00p
Sunday December 19 Schweinfurt Germany 7:30p
Monday December 20 Schweinfurt Germany 7:30p
Tuesday December 21 Schweinfurt Germany 7:30p
Wednesday December 22 Schweinfurt Germany 7:30p
Thursday December 23 Depart Frankfurt Arrive US  

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