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Allen's Master Theory Help & Hints

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Lessons 61-62

Chromatic Scales

These are pretty straightforward lessons. The main point to watch is the one to be memorized: Ascending chromatic scales use sharp and natural signs, while descending ones use flat and natural signs.

What you should also know is that ascending chromatic scales don't use flat signs and descending chromatic scales don't use sharp signs. Click here to see an example of why this is. While reading the file, don't forget to use Ctrl-I to read the accompanying information.

In Lesson 62, examples 1-4,  watch your clefs and remember that you have key signatures. This will further illustrate the need to follow the rules for writing ascending and descending scales.

Examples 5-6 are a review of Master Theory's rhythm nomenclature, and Examples 7-8 are rhythm exercises. Don't neglect these. They provide you with review on an important subject.

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