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Profiles of Musicians That You Should Know


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This section will contain profiles of musicians that students should know about. Some are famous, some are just like you and me, and some are even fictional! Browse at your leisure, and learn what they have to teach you.


GREAT MASTERS (My personal faves)

Benny Goodman

Lester Young

Cannonball Adderley

Oliver Nelson

Yusef Lateef



Apache Flutist from McKenny, VA (the total do-it-yourselfer)

George Cramer (second-hand music student--and my grandpa!)



Lisa Simpson (my personal hero)

Star Trek's Shipload of 24th Century Musicians (Thank you, Star Trek TNG)



Michael J. Fox (guitar)

Hal Linden (clarinet/sax)

Woody Allen (clarinet)

Peter Graves (clarinet)

Carol Burnett (flute)

Calista Flockhart (flute)

Kirk Douglas (banjo)


Celebrities Who Started out as Musicians:             (please email me with the names of others)

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