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Site Construction Update

6/25/03 - After about six months of lost access, communication has been restored to the website. Schedules are in the process of being updated for summer 2003, and .pdf files are being added to the collection of Student Instruction Sheets. Genealogy info has also been updated. Things are still strange on the index page, but I'm not going to fool with it until I have more time.

Appearance issues may be in place for a while. The FrontPage 2002 software is deleting the background image from newly updated pages, and tables are also being compressed. Cosmetic issues will simply have to be tabled in favor of continuing to disseminate information.

7/29/01 - Extensive additions made to the Clarinets are Cool area, including revamps of the German Oompah Music page and the Traditional 'Dixieland' Jazz page.

5/20/01 - Jam School activities are now separately available under the domain name The activities are mostly complete, and it is no longer classified as under construction.

8/8/00 - NOTE: Some of your bookmarks may become invalid. Because I am about to add a domain name, all Jamschool activities are being placed in a subfolder for increased user friendliness. I have also done this with the section on the Blackbirds of Broadway tour.

As of 7/25/00, we are on the way to completion of the Jam School and Master Theory Help & Hints sections. I expect to be done by fall. A number of printable musical examples are now available in Adobe Acrobat 4.0. I hope to put most printable examples in Sibelius, except for those that I don't want students to be able to play or transpose.

As of 2/21/2000, I'm over halfway finished with Master Theory Help & Hints.  Most examples are visual as well as audible and are done in Noteworthy Composer 1.55. These are usable by students with a freeware download called Noteworthy Reader. Visit my Noteworthy Composer page for more details. Other items are provided as MIDI files.

Jam School activities are also well in progress. Most will also be done in Noteworthy Composer. Others will be done in Sibelius. I expect to link this section to the domain name sometime this month.

Also, I've pretty much completed work on the Blackbirds of Broadway 1999 Tour. All US cities and the tour of Europe are included. I hope that the students will join me there.

As of 9/4/99, the navigational structure is being improved, as evidenced by the 'return' links below. Because this is being installed manually page-by-page, I may miss a few spots at first.

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