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Noteworthy Composer

Noteworthy Player

Frequently Asked Questions


Q01    Why do I need this program? What is its purpose?

A01    To provide you with musical examples that you can both see and hear by clicking on a hyperlink. Either Noteworthy Composer or Noteworthy Reader will serve this purpose. Noteworthy Player is freeware and costs nothing to download and use.

Q02    Why did you choose this particular program?

A02    I chose Noteworthy Composer for several important reasons:

Q03    Does Noteworthy Composer have any advantages over Noteworthy Player as a file reader?

A03    Yes. Files imported into Noteworthy Composer can be edited by the user. Tempos can be changed, keys can be transposed, staves can be muted on playback, parts can be altered, added or subtracted, etc. You can also view and play files which were created by in unregistered copy of the program--although you won't find any on this website. (Noteworthy Player won't work with files from unregistered users) This is why the program is so terrific for student musicians, and why I'm so enthusiastic about it.

Q04    What are the limitations of Noteworthy Composer's shareware version?

A04    The shareware version of Noteworthy Composer appears to be almost completely functional except for the following:

Q05    What are the limitations of Noteworthy Player?

A05    Noteworthy Player displays and plays files exactly as they were saved in Noteworthy Composer, and reads the attached text comments. It also reads and plays MIDI files. This makes it adequate for use on these pages. The following might be considered its limitations:

Q06    How do I configure my browser to launch these programs when I click on a hyperlink to an NWC or MIDI file?

A06    You have to configure your browser to recognize the file extention, and take the appropriate action. Click on the following links to get the instructions for Netscape and Internet Explorer. Note that the instructions for Internet Explorer come from Noteworthy's FAQ. My copy of Internet Explorer 4.0 appears to activate Noteworthy Player without any modifications on my part.

NWC's MIME type/subtype on Tripod and Earthlink's servers is application/nwc. On Noteworthy's server, it is application/octet-stream.

Q07    Why am I seeing the notes play on the example, but hear no sound?

A07    There are several common causes for this. Check them in this order:

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